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Woood Slide Barn Cabinet Rough Sawn Pine Biały

Woood Slide Barn Cabinet Rough Sawn Pine Biały

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This Slide Barn cabinet is anything but a standard storage or bookcase. Barn is a closet with possibilities. You can give it your own interpretation. The cabinet has two sides divided into two thick shelves and 2 drawers at the bottom, one side always visible and the other side covered by a sliding door. The sliding door in metal rail can therefore be slid from right to left. The cabinet is made of solid FSC certified pine and the wood used is roughly sawn.This furniture is made of coarse sawn wood. This means that the wood is cut across, giving it a rustic sanded appearance. This gives the furniture an experienced vintage look. This operation can make unevenness and small cracks extra visible. These are characteristics of coarsely sawn wood. Each copy is therefore unique!Note: The cabinet has a height of 230 cm, because the fittings are slightly above the ceiling, the total height is 232 cm. The cabinet is supplied as a kit with clear assembly instructions.
Kolor: biały

Materiał: szczotkowane drewno sosnowe, pine rough sawn

Wymiary: 230x122x37

Opcje dodatkowe: drewno certyfikowane FSC

EAN: 8714713089697

Dostępne od: 22-02-2019

Długość: 37 cm

Szerokość: 122 cm

Wysokość: 230 cm

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designerskie krzesła biurowe

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